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          The AEP or DUI education has been under the Alpha Program for the past 40 years. Dr. Wright taught the State approved AEP for thirty - five years for the State of Maryland. This is a free program and I think you will agree Dr. Wright knows what he is talking about. Dr. Wright has lectured in colleges, universities, public and private schools, The School of Justice and was approved to teach the officers for the Maryland Transportation Authority during in-service training.

COMAR Guidelines and certified programs
.03 Certification Required.

B. The following are exempt from certification under this chapter:

(2) Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, transitional housing programs, or other similar organizations, if the organization holds meetings or provides support services to help individuals who show the effects of drug abuse or alcohol abuse;

We can assist you with any of the following

DUI / Drug Evaluations ($) click on Evaluations

DUI / Substance Abuse Classes

Community Service

Attorney Referral

Assist you in finding free treatment

All programs are free

Alpha Program does not need certification.

We never needed certification. We are a

support group and have been for the last

40 years. The State of Maryland has used

the Alpha Program and still continues to

use the program.

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Dr. Wright will be your instructor. He has been qualified as an expert witness in the field of drugs and alcohol by the State and Federal Court System. Click on Drug /Alcohol  Education

Read about certification at the bottom of this page under COMAR Guidelines and certified


     DUI classes State Approved for 35