Student writes a letter to the state telling them

how important the Alpha Program is in the


Parole and Probation Director Joseph Clocker's Letter showing the Alpha Program is not a treatment program but helps people in finding treatment. The Alpha Program has always been an education program.

Dr. Wright works with the School of Justice during Drunk Driving Seminar

DR. Wright speaks at Columbia Union College

Dr. Wright teaches Alcohol Awareness Program

to Officers at the Maryland Transportation Athority

Dr. Wright and the Alpha Program  provides

Scholarship's to High Schools in Baltimore


Dr. Wright brings drug dealer to Towson PTA

Dr. Wright speaks to students at Cumberland Valley Christian School

The Alcohol Education Program was state approved for 35 years. Called Merritt Park because of location but always under the Alpha Program.

Dr. Wright works with Baltimore County trying

to find help for the addicted population

Soon to be posted: Awards from four Maryland

Governor's, ( They are now under glass at the

Merritt Park Baptist Church). They will be copied and post on this site as soon. They can be view

upon request by anyone at any time.

Dr. Wright and the Alpha Program works with Baltimore County Police Department using the Repeat Offenders Program to talk to students.

Dr. Wright brings panel of offenders to 1400'

students at Towson HIgh

Dr. Wright receives an invitation to speak at PTA Convention in O.C. Maryland

Dr. Wright speaks to Kenwood High School students about alcohol / drug abuse.

Dr. Wright brings panel of repeat offenders to


40 Years in the Community