Lectures on  Withdraw

How To Make Life Simple

Reasons To Use Drugs or Alcohol

Up-Dates on Research

Finding a Job

How to Deal With Problems

You will get cought

Are All Drinks The Same?

Reinstatement  Assistance

Lectures on Marijuana

Getting Ready For Court

Lectures on The Major Drugs  Used Today

State Agency and COMAR

Remember Certification means TREATMENT

if you need to be in treatment we will help you

find a program for you.

Lectures on Depression

A New Day Will Come

Educating The Community

Learning the drug laws will give you reason to think before you go out and buy your next fix.

Beating Addiction

How Much Can You Drink?

Facing Our Demons

Finding The Help You Need

The truth about Liquor

DUI Laws

Carfentanil 100 Times worse Than


Knowledge of drugs 

Drugs and Behavior

Repeat Offender's Helping First Offenders

Taught by experience from a professional

who has worked the streets, went to college and has nine books out on substance abuse. Qualified  as an expert witness of drugs and alcohol in the State and Federals courts.

What People Do For Drugs

Pharmaceutical Durgs

Education that may save you money and also your life.

When your Sick of Being Sick

How Families Are Destroyed

      DUI Accidents in Maryland

Lectures on Decision Making

There Is  A Solutuion

Lectures on The Brain

Before and After Drug Us

Lectures on What to Expect if you Get Probation

Serving time for DUI

DUI and Your Driving Record

These are some of the topics you will learn about.

What Children Go Through

What's Killing Our Children

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

When you have a problem

Education so interesting you will

want to bring your friends to class.

Lectures on Sadness

Alcohol / Drugs , how the effect the body

The Cost of Addiction

Understanding Ethanol

Recovery and Relapse