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Why do you think a State Official

said the "Alpha Program could be a

model for the State of Maryland".

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A Certified Program is a treatment program. If you need treatment and someone refuses you please call Dr. Wright 410-288-1399. We will attempt to find you a program.

If you are a social drinker and you have been evaluated and that evaluation shows

no drug or alcohol problems, you may want to think about options.

Our classes fall under section 2 of

COMAR Guidelines.

We do not need certification to teach

alcohol or drug education.

Certified means you need treatment

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A Certified Program is a treatment program. Do you need treatment?

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you need? This information will help

to understand COMAR Guidelines

When you hear the word treatment

what comes to mind?

COMAR Guidelines and certified programs
.01 Scope.
This chapter sets forth the requirements for certification of drug and alcohol treatment programs.
.03 Certification Required.

A. All programs and prevention programs shall be certified by the Department before program services and prevention program services may be provided in the State.

B. The following are exempt from certification under this chapter:

(1) A health professional licensed under the Health Occupations Article who is treating patients within the scope of the professional's practice and who does not advertise the practice as an alcohol abuse or drug abuse program;

(2) Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, transitional housing programs, orother similar organizations, if the organization holds meetings or provides support services to help individuals who show the effects of drug abuse or alcohol abuse;

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